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Double Switch

Double Switch What is double switch? If you are concerned about battery life of your phone as you move around, you probably trying to keep your wifi and bluetooth radios off when they are not in use.

Which means that when you live you home and jump into the car, you need to turn bluetooth on and wifi off, when you get to work you need to turn both of them off, and when you get home you need to turn wifi on and bluetooth off. Or may be your combinations are different - but you need to keep in mind to switch them - ine the same sequence - day after day after day.

Now - how many clicks on the screen do you need to switch bluetooth on and wifi off or vice versa? Depending on your specific phone model, it may be 4, 6 or more.

Of course, you can add couple of widgets to the home screen and reduce it to just 2 clicks - at expense of precious space on your   home screen.

Double Switch is very simple application and widget that allows you to cyclically switch both wifi and bluetooth radio according to preprogrammed custom sequence, using exactly one click per toggle, and uses just one square of the home screen space.

I wrote it for myself and found it a good convenience tool, so I decided to share it with others - enjoy.